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2015 BECC Coin Show Exhibit Awards

Northwest & Aerospace

noncompetitive – Terry K., “BECC Door Prize Collection”

History & Geography

1st Place – Alex M. (YN), “Coins of Morocco”
2nd Place – Tony K., “Code Talkers”

Politics & Economics

1st Place – Tony K., “Courtesy Autographs” (first five photos)
2nd Place – Alex M. (YN), “Alphabet Soup” (last photo)
3rd Place – Ben M. (YN), “Coins of Post-Soviet States”

Arts & Religion

1st Place – Ben M. (YN), “Butterfly Coins of Canada” (left photo)
2nd Place – Dan G., “Greek Mythology Through Coins” (center/right photos)

Best of Show
Tony K., “Courtesy Autographs” (2nd consecutive year)

Virgil Simpson Memorial Award
Alex M. (YN), “Coins of Morocco”

Best Young Numismatist (YN) Exhibit
Alex M. (YN), “Coins of Morocco”

People’s Choice Award
Tony K., “Courtesy Autographs”

Judges: David Buehler, Greg Smith and Del Cushing.

Submitted by Del Cushing.