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BECC Medals

Important Note: This is not a public sale. BECC medals are normally sold to eligible Boeing persons by private sale. Please read "BECC Medals Information" below.

The Boeing Employees' Coin Club has issued distinctive medals featuring a Boeing product or products most years since the 50th anniversary of The Boeing Company in 1966. These medals are issued in silver, pewter, and bronze (and beginning in 2012, copper), with a proof-like (mirror-like) finish, and are widely collected by BECC members, Boeing employees and retirees, and other persons interested in aviation and coin club memorabilia. Since the BECC is a non-profit organization, the medal prices are reasonable, although higher in recent years due to higher silver prices and higher production expenses.

Note: The 2012 copper medals did not have a proof-like finish, however all other medals including the 2013 to date medals do have this popular feature that most collectors desire. Special "antique" finish medals have been made for club awards, but are not available as part of the normal sales process. More information about recent special-issue medals is available in the Table of BECC medals (designs and mintages), and some information was also included in the PNNA's first quarter editions of The Nor'wester, which was available at the annual BECC coin shows in 2018-2020.

Medal Availability

Important Note: This information is not guaranteed and may not be up-to-date. Please contact the medals chairman or medals sales coordinator for more information, or inquire at

All past BECC medals are SOLD OUT (from the club), except for a limited number of 2020 and 2021-dated medals.

Current medals are available to club members and Boeing persons via the official order form, which is published in the club newsletter in the summer-fall of each year, or could be obtained from the medal sales coordinator.

2022 medals to feature 767 Freighter

Information will be added when available.

2021 medals feature Lunar Rover 50th Anniversary

Artwork © 2020 The Boeing Company and BECC. All Rights Reserved.
Bottom row: simulated silver, bronze and pewter medals courtesy of Bex Engraving.

May update (by Tony K.): There are a few medal orders to get out and half of those require mirror bases. Iím trying to work out a mirror base with the Capital Plastics holder but I havenít constructed one that Iím pleased with yet. I have talked with a couple of people that ordered the mirror bases and they were kind enough to accept the holders without a mirror base. I am close to getting all caught up with the prior orders. Everything should be current before we offer the 2022 767 Freighter medals. For those still waiting, thank you for your patience. (Also contact Tony for info on any 2020 and 2021 medals still available.)

January-February updates (by Tony K.): Capital Plastics was selected for the holders, and is working with us and will go with our standard titles for the P-51 Mustang, the 777-9 and the Lunar Rover holders. Due to quantity, the single holders will stay more generic. Capital Plastics sent their invoice and we mailed a check the following day. Capital Plastics received the check and our holders should be in the mail in another 2-3 weeks (as of January).

Unfortunately the screws included with the holders were too small, so I couldnít assemble any holders. I told them what the stack-up is (0.41 inches) and they are going to send the correct size. Iíll be sending the short ones back. We are making positive progress now and Iím working on getting the remaining orders ready to ship for when I get the replacement post/screws.

There are about 30 of each medal left for the 2021 Lunar Rover (as of January). The 2022 medal is going to be the 767-200 Freighter.

October-November 2020 update (by Tony K.): As of the October board meeting, Tony was still in contact with the manufacturing company for the holders, however, apparently they cannot complete the order. An alternative is being considered. Tony motioned that the club provide an additional bronze or pewter medal (from the clubís stock) to those customers who ordered the custom medal holders to acknowledge their patience.

September 2020 update (by Tony K.): Medal orders have been coming in at a slower than normal pace, but steady. There are 153 silvers, 62 bronze and 68 pewter medals left. Iím still waiting for the holders to be ready for pick up.

August 2020 update (by Tony K.): The 2021-dated medals are in!! Have you seen the price of silver lately? That sure came as a surprise to me. We got our medals in and glad we got the silver for them when we did. Now I have to worry about next yearís silver and will be waiting until after the election as I expect the price of silver to drop and be a little bit more reasonable.

So, what does this mean for our medals? We have a clause tied to the price of silver on what the silver medals go for. The price of silver right now invokes that price increase. But we have been keeping records for what our usual customers buy and we will maintain the $45 silver medal price for the normal quantity that our medal buyers have been buying for the past couple of years. Any increases over that and the club will look at the quantities on hand and the amount of Ďoverageí on the order and decide where we go from there. A single coin above their standard order and we will probably sale and ship. Anything over that and most likely we will notify them of the adjusted price for the additional coins. For a completely new customer, it will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and the quantity ordered. The other thing is that if someone wants to buy the club medals for the silver, then Iíll offer a couple of the prior yearís medal that we have a small amount left over. Club medals will not be sold for less than the market value of silver they contain.

2020 medals feature 777-9 Folding Wing Tip

Note: Image in center is elongated cent design for coin show.
Artwork © 2019 The Boeing Company and BECC. All Rights Reserved.

December 2019 update (by Tony K.): We have 2020 777-9 medals! Initial sales are strong and I have a number of envelopes to open. We have a new supplier in Auburn for the custom holders. We are doing the 777 3-piece holders first with them.

October 2019 update: The 2020 medal order form has been mailed and is included with the October newsletter. For the collectors who prefer to get their copy by email, they should be getting it in their inbox soon. With the hassle of the custom holders for the 2019 medals, there was debate as to, rather or not to, offer the custom holders. It was decided to offer them. I am going to be Ďtestingí a new supplier to make sure we can supply holders for the 777-9 medals. The medals are being minted and we should have them around the end of the month.

BECC Medals Information:

  • All past BECC medals are SOLD OUT (from the club), except as noted above.

  • Table of BECC medals (designs and mintages).

  • Table of BECC medals issue prices.

  • Medals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

  • Also see below for links to details of recent past medals, and photos of current and past medals.

  • Medals are available for purchase until sold out (or until otherwise decided by the board), by persons eligible to participate in the Boeing recreation program (employees, retirees, on-site customer, vendor and government personnel and certain family members). The BECC reserves the right to change prices and limit quantities of medals for sale (including the quantity that may be purchased by each buyer). The information on this page is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date.

  • The usual time period for purchases is between September and November of each year, for the following year's medals. (For example, Sep-Nov 2020 for the 2021-dated medals.)

  • BECC club members receive an order form with their newsletters each year, usually no later than September. Mailings will also go out in September to recent previous purchasers of BECC medals. Other Boeing employees and persons with a Boeing badge can contact the medals chairman listed below. All orders must be submitted with an official order form.

  • Persons who are not eligible for the Boeing recreation program, or who wish to purchase medals after the ordering deadline, cannot purchase medals directly from the club, but may be able to purchase medals on the secondary market from club members who purchase medals for resale.

  • The BECC has produced over 50,000 (now 70,000) medals since 1966, and has commemorated that event. Past BECC medals can often be purchased from dealers at the BECC's annual coin show in January.

  • To inquire about the availability of medals, please attend a regularly scheduled BECC meeting, or attend the BECC's annual coin show in January.

  • BECC Medals Co-Chairmen: David E. Buehler and Anthony Kalt, or inquire at Medal Sales Coordinator: Please contact David.

    See the BECC Officers Page for current contact information.

Details of recent past medals:

Once you are on one of these pages, you can also navigate "previous" and "next" to see the other years.

Pictures of past and current medals: