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BECC Medals

Important Note: This is not a public sale. BECC medals are normally sold to eligible Boeing persons by private sale. Please read "BECC Medals Information" below.

The Boeing Employees' Coin Club has issued distinctive medals featuring a Boeing product or products most years since the 50th anniversary of The Boeing Company in 1966. These medals are issued in silver, pewter, and bronze (and beginning in 2012, copper), with a proof-like (mirror-like) finish, and are widely collected by BECC members, Boeing employees and retirees, and other persons interested in aviation and coin club memorabilia. Since the BECC is a non-profit organization, the medal prices are reasonable, although higher in recent years due to higher silver prices and higher production expenses.

Note: The 2012 copper medals did not have a proof-like finish, however all other medals including the 2013 to date medals do have this popular feature that most collectors desire. Special "antique" finish medals have been made for club awards, but are not available as part of the normal sales process. More information about recent special-issue medals is available in the Table of BECC medals (designs and mintages), and some information was also included in the PNNA's first quarter editions of The Nor'wester, which was available at the annual BECC coin shows in 2018-2020.

Medal Availability

Important Note: This information is not guaranteed and may not be up-to-date. Please contact the medals chairman or medals sales coordinator for more information, or inquire at

All past BECC medals are SOLD OUT (from the club), except for a limited number of 2024-dated medals.

Current medals are available to club members and Boeing persons via the official order form, which is published in the club newsletter in the summer-fall of each year, or could be obtained from the medal sales coordinator.

2025 medals

The design work for the 2025 medal starts in February (2024), with "2025 medal designs and ideas" as the primary February club meeting topic. The goal is to bring the medal back into its normal rhythm of mid-summer sales and delivery and not late fall which has been the case with the silver demand issues the past two years. So start thinking of design suggestions. Tony had a presentation of possible medal designs. At the March meeting, the membership voted the choices of 12 down to three which are: Super Hornet, B-17 Flying Fortress; and Apache.

2024 medals feature Boeing 367-80 “Dash 80”

All updates by medals chairman Tony K., as appearing in the club's newsletter.

BECC 2024 Medal ImageJanuary 2024 update: Over half the medals have been sold. I am trying to check the PO Box weekly and stay on top of mailing out the orders and depositing the checks. There was an initial delay for both the checks getting deposited and the medals going out. But we have gotten caught up and are currently staying on top of processing the orders.

October-December 2023 update: The board settled on the prices for the medals. There needed to be a minor increase as the cost of each medal went up, and we got a new die for the reverse. The medals have arrived!! Club members please see order form in the newsletter.

August-September 2023 update: Tony presented the design for the club’s 2024 medal, and sent the deposit check for the silver along with the medal artwork to the mint, all in August. There was talk about the current reverse getting worn out and not producing quality impressions. It was decided to get a new reverse die made. The new reverse will use the club logo approved in 2014. Most folks only see it on the club’s table cloth at the coin show. Looking forward to seeing how it will look as our reverse.

Order forms will be out soon. Just need to verify our cost. The silver medals will be 1 ounce again this year as the foundry isn’t doing 1.5 ounces because of silver demands. I haven’t given up on the 3-piece holders, just haven’t gotten a supplier for them yet. I’m still looking, and modified the order form to give the option to be notified when they become available. The dies for the medals should be done (in September) as I approved the plasters last month.

June-July 2023 update: Tony presented a new preliminary design for the 2024 medal. It is a Boeing 367-80. Tony is in the process of getting it approved by Boeing. As of July, the new medal has been approved by Boeing.

May 2023 update: Two different versions of the draft of the 2024 medal using the Boeing 367-80 “Dash 80” design were shown. Artwork close to the final design was shown and will be presented to Boeing for approval after final clean up.

March 2023 update: There was much discussion regarding ideas for the next medal design. Here are a few of the suggestions: B-17; 367-80 (70 years); 747-800 Freighter; 737-Next Generation; Starliner Capsule; F-22. Please feel free to submit your suggestions to Tony K.

2023 medals feature KC-46A

All updates by medals chairman Tony K., as appearing in the club's newsletter.

May 2023 update: A second mailing went out regarding selling some of the remaining 2023 medals to prior customers who haven’t ordered yet. Also emailed Capital Plastics about getting more 3-piece medal holders since we sold out, and to have them on hand for the 2024 medals. The remaining 2022 medals were sold at the April meeting with a limit of one of each medal per person. The medals sold out with no one getting a chance to buy a second medal.

April 2023 update: Mailing prior medal customers to see about selling off some of the remaining 2023 medals to reduce our inventory and generate more funds for the club. The board will be offering the remaining 2022 medals for sell at the April meeting. The board will discuss and decide the price prior to the meeting. All medals will be sold. There are 15 silvers, 6 bronze and 8 pewters remaining of the 2022 medals.

March 2023 update: All the current medal orders have been delivered. We do have about 50 silvers, 30 bronze and 35 pewters left so I will be mailing out the order form to the usual buyers that haven’t purchased yet to see if it was an oversight due to the late arrivals of the 2023 medals. We also still have some 2022 medals available for purchase. Tony will be contacting previous buyers to let them know there are more available.

December 2022 update: Medals will be available in the very near future as I try to assemble three-piece set holders and put orders together. See you at the December meeting!!

October-November 2022 update: There has been a strong response to this year’s medals as the orders keep coming in. The medals are in the process of being struck. Pewter medals are in the process of being polished. We are hopeful that the medals will be available at the November meeting. Instead of going with a generic holder we approached Capital Plastics for custom holders again and are waiting for the quote and delivery. If things are favorable, we will go with the custom black holders.

September 2022 update: The 2023 KC-46 Refueling medal design will have its entire production run of silver medals at the standard one ounce. The club ordered enough material for 200 silver, and 100 each of pewter, bronze and copper, one ounce medals. The BECC has cut a check to the mint to purchase the needed silver. The price of silver was locked at $21.50. Silver medals will cost $40. There were minor increases in the price of bronze, pewter and copper medals due to increases in minting costs.

June 2022 update: Last year, supply chain issues and silver demand had a huge impact on our medals order. I was hoping that the "supply chain issues" were all going to be resolved for this year’s medal. The demand for silver is still high. Even though the price has dropped some, it’s not a lot compared to last year. I don’t know if all the foundries are back up and running or not. But after having BEX, the company that makes our medal, checking around with all the foundries I have some bad news … The 2023 KC-46 medal design will have its entire production run of silver medals at the standard one ounce. The 1.5 ounce planchet is non-standard and the demand for the standard one ounce is so high that no foundry will stop to convert their process for our limited run of planchets. So 2023 will have a one-ounce silver medal, which beats no silver medal at all.

May 2022 update: Boeing Licensing and Marketing has approved the design on the club’s 2023 medal. Two planes meant two different “groups” had to approve the design. Yes, there were changes that had to be made, but the good news is they provided a similar photo except the picture was taken from the other side of the plane. Not that they were really nitpicky, but it turns out the photo I was given by Boeing that I based the design off of was actually an artist concept of the plane before final design and there were subtle differences. Some tweaking was done and they liked how it turned out so it didn’t take too long the second time around for the collective okays and approval. A deposit for this medal has been mailed to the mint.

March/April 2022 update: Work has begun on the club’s 2023 medal!! The current 2023 design is ready to go for Boeing approval – hoping this goes smoothly as they supplied the picture the main design is based on.The 2023 design is going to depict a KC-46A refueling a F-15E fighter jet with another F-15E in the view.

BECC Medals Information:

  • All past BECC medals are SOLD OUT (from the club), except as noted above.

  • Table of BECC medals (designs and mintages).

  • Table of BECC medals issue prices.

  • Medals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

  • Also see below for links to details of recent past medals, and photos of past medals.

  • Medals are available for purchase until sold out (or until otherwise decided by the board), by persons eligible to participate in the Boeing recreation program (employees, retirees, on-site customer, vendor and government personnel and certain family members). The BECC reserves the right to change prices and limit quantities of medals for sale (including the quantity that may be purchased by each buyer). The information on this page is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date.

  • The usual time period for purchases is between September and November of each year, for the following year's medals. (For example, Sep-Nov 2022 for the 2023-dated medals.)

  • BECC club members receive an order form with their newsletters each year, usually no later than September. Mailings will also go out in September to recent previous purchasers of BECC medals. Other Boeing employees and persons with a Boeing badge can contact the medals chairman listed below. All orders must be submitted with an official order form.

  • Persons who are not eligible for the Boeing recreation program, or who wish to purchase medals after the ordering deadline, cannot purchase medals directly from the club, but may be able to purchase medals on the secondary market from club members who purchase medals for resale.

  • The BECC has produced over 50,000 (now 70,000) medals since 1966, and has commemorated that event. Past BECC medals can often be purchased from dealers at the BECC's annual coin show in January.

  • To inquire about the availability of medals, please attend a regularly scheduled BECC meeting, or attend the BECC's annual coin show in January.

  • BECC Medals Co-Chairmen: David E. Buehler and Anthony Kalt, or inquire at Medal Sales Coordinator: Please contact David.

    See the BECC Officers Page for current contact information.

Details of recent past medals:

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Pictures of past medals: