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BECC members mourn the loss of Columbia and crew

BECC members join with the other men and women of The Boeing Company in saluting the bravery and dedication of the astronauts who lost their lives, while also expressing our deep sorrow over this tragic loss.

During much happier times for Columbia in 2000 and early 2001, while the shuttle was undergoing major modifications in Palmdale, California, the BECC had the opportunity to commemorate the historic occasion of the 20th anniversary of Columbia's first flight, April 12-14, 1981. The silver version of this commemorative medal is shown here.

BECC Medals Photos 2000-2003
2000 Next Generation 737 medal2000_737_obv.jpg (11037 bytes) 2000_holder_obv.jpg (87113 bytes)
2001 Space Shuttle Columbia medal2001_shuttle_obv.jpg (8781 bytes) 2001_holder_obv.jpg (120313 bytes)
2002 B-47 medal2002_B47_obv.jpg (14680 bytes) 2002_holder_obv.jpg (63959 bytes)
2003 KC-135 medal
Common reverse
2000 to 2005 medals
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