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Displays and Numismatic Exhibits

Members and guests are invited to bring items for display each month that pertain to the monthly display topics. Each person is given one or two minutes to talk about their display. Awards are selected randomly from among those persons who bring in a display that fits one of the topics.

See meeting announcements for dates and locations of meetings, as well as speaker topics.

See below for annual coin show display (exhibit) information.

2024 Display Topics

  • January Favorite recent acquisition
  • February Trains
  • March Animals with claws
  • April Bodies of water
  • May Historical context
  • June Depictions of flight
  • July Inspirational designs
  • August Deserts or Desserts
  • September Mythical creatures
  • October Maximum Eye Appeal
  • November Sports
  • December Holiday-themed
  • Note there are typically no displays when the annual banquet and picnic are held.

Note: Display topics for recent previous years can be found in the meeting announcements section.

Numismatic Collector Exhibits

BECC members and other active numismatists also have the opportunity to prepare showcase-type collector exhibits for the annual BECC coin show and various other events. For a listing of some of these events including the American Numismatic Association annual conventions, please see the PNNA website upcoming exhibits page.

Advance registration is typically required in order to show an exhibit. For the annual BECC coin show, you can register on site before noon on Saturday, however display cases may not be available unless you register in advance.

Display case dimensions (inside): The BECC rents the PNNA cases, which are the larger ones used throughout the hobby, sometimes called "Allstate" cases, with internal dimensions approximately 32 3/4" x 21". You can also use your own display cases provided that they are reasonable in size, and capable of being locked.

  • Get: BECC coin show exhibit application (PDF file).
    This includes a list of exhibit categories, awards and rules.

  • Get: BECC coin show exhibit rating sheet (judging criteria) (PDF file).
    These are essentially the same criteria used at the regional and national level, however local judges are usually a bit less strict about interpretation of the criteria. Non-competitive exhibiting is also available as an option.

  • Please contact a club officer for more information.

  • Exhibits from non-BECC members are welcome and are eligible for most awards.

Need information on how to prepare a numismatic exhibit? See the PNNA exhibit page, and also see photos of some past winning exhibits below.

Past BECC coin show exhibit award winners:

Once you are on one of these pages, you can also navigate "previous" and "next" to see the other years.

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