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2024 BECC Coin Show Exhibits & Awards

The show committee reported that just one exhibitor wanted to be judged, so it did not make sense to have the usual categories, and no competitive judging took place.
Exhibit 1, Case 1 Exhibit 1, Case 2 Exhibit 1, Case 3
Exhibit 1, Case 4 Exhibit 1, Case 5

The BECC club medals exhibit was a display of club medals and some of the one-off medals from trial strikes to test pieces. The exhibit also included thank you medals and show exhibitor's medals.

Exhibit 2 Exhibit 3, Case 1 Exhibit 3, Case 2

The Common Cents - Unique Cents exhibit (left) was a fun display of the 'common' cent and pointed out what was unique for the cent/year of mintage. The public enjoyed this exhibit and voted it 1st for People's Choice.

The U.S. 50 States Quarter Collection exhibit (center/right) was a nice collection show casing the 50 states quarters in a very nice holder set. This exhibit took 3rd place in People's Choice.

Exhibit 4 Exhibit 5 Exhibit 6

The BECC Door Prize Collection exhibit (left) showed a nice array of the different items that have been given out at the club meetings over the years.

The BECC Wooden Nickel Collection exhibit (center) show a nice assortment of the wooden nickels the club has made and given out over the years.

The Coin Grading Service Sample Slabs exhibit (right) showcased some of the different slabs of various grading services. Some of the services are still in existence, while other are not. It was interesting to see slabs from services I hadn't heard of.

Tom S., items pertaining to "The Short Snorter Project." (Also see the show report for a photo.)

Best of Show and Virgil Simpson Memorial Award
Not selected. No judging - see note at top of page.

People’s Choice Award
1st place: Common Cents - Unique Cents, 2nd place: BECC Medals, 3rd place: U.S. 50 States Quarter Collection.

Judges: none.

Submitted by Tony Kalt and Dave Buehler. Photos by Tony Kalt (?).