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2017 medals feature 747-8 Intercontinental

Note: Image in center is elongated cent design for coin show.
Artwork © 2016 The Boeing Company and BECC. All Rights Reserved.

July 2016 update: At the board meeting we had a discussion on the club medal for 2017. For those at the June club meeting, you’ll recall that we talked about going with a 737-737 Max Design for 2018 since Boeing would be delivering its 10,000th 737. So the 3 years/3 coin space theme/series was postponed. For 2017, we discussed the presented 747-8 design and voted to go with that. At the Board meeting, we unveiled the cleaned up design which is being reviewed by Boeing Licensing for final approval. We talked about the possibility/option of using the club’s logo (which we have only used on the club’s table cloth currently). After a little discussion, it was easily agreed to use the current reverse we used last year. The other thing we discussed, because of remaining inventories of 2014/2015, is that this year we would reduce the quantities of the medals. Silvers would be minted at 225, bronzes at 110, pewters at 110 and coppers at only 30 medals and for a higher price. The coppers would also be limited to one per person until gone. When we are ready, I will email everyone who has ordered medals in the past. This will coincide with the order form going out in the newsletter.

September 2016 update: The order form for the 2017 medals is now available and part of the September club newsletter. There is no longer a copper medal offered on the order form. At one of the board meetings this summer it was decided to drop the copper from the standard issue. The medal was going to be dropped completely, but a few folks still wanted to see it made available so a much lower mintage was decided and the medals would be offered at a premium on a first come first serve basis. Further discussion on how that would be handled at the September board meeting had some folks wondering if we could really be fair about it. In the end, it was decided that 20 copper medals would be minted and auctioned off at club meetings. So it you normally don’t attend a club meeting, and want one, you can find a proxy to bid on one for you. The other thing is that there were roughly 40 folks who ordered 4 piece sets and we couldn’t just sell the medal to only them. That led to the auction option. So the club is now back to the standard 3 piece medal sets. The mintages for the 2017 medals are 225 silver, 110 bronze and 110 pewters. With the reduced mintages we will probably sell out across the board as we try to find out what is the actual demand for the medals. Even though we sold out of silvers for 2016 and are close on the other medals, we still hold a higher than normal inventory of medals for 2014 and 2015 that the club still has for sale. Contact the medals chairman for details.

January/February 2017 update: 2017 medals (quantities remaining): silver - sold out, bronze 32, pewter 37 and copper 23, with the coppers being auctioned off at a current rate of 3 at the monthly meetings. Some medals are also available from 2007, 2011, 2012, and 2014-2016.

Mintages of 2017 medal:

Silver - 225
Pewter - 110
Bronze - 110
Copper - 20
Antique finish bronze (for awards) - 24
Antique finish bronze (engravable reverse) - 24
Total - 513