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2016 medals commemorate Boeing's 100th Anniversary!

BECC 2016 gold medal
Artwork © 2015 The Boeing Company and BECC. All Rights Reserved.

BECC 2016 Medals commemorate Boeing's 100th Anniversary! As shown in the artwork at left, the BECC's 2016 medal commemorates the 100th anniversary of The Boeing Company, featuring the B&W Model 1 from 1916 and a modern 737 Max, scheduled for first flight in 2016. As noted before, "The 2016 medal design is the most important design that most of us in the club have ever been involved with. Think about it this way - We have waited 100 years to design and mint this medal!! There are only 24 Fortune 500 companies that have been around that long. For those reasons we need to make sure this is our best medal ever. Your 100th birthday only comes around once." Club members were asked to submit a creative design to Tony Kalt before the March meeting. At the April 2015 meeting, Tony K. led a 2016 medal discussion, with several designs provided by Doug Marsden, artist of BECC medals for several years. Members present voted for designs featuring the B&W and 737 MAX on the obverse. The artist refined the chosen designs and lettering, and the artwork first appeared in the club's June newsletter. Medals were first available to club members and other Boeing personnel in the fall of 2015. Note: reverse of the 2016 medal is the same as the 2014 BECC medal reverse.

November 2015 update: The bronze, silver, pewter and copper medals have arrived and I have been delivering them to members at the banquet. In addition, the gold medal order has been placed with the mint. The gold price was locked in at $1,200. The gold medals will be available later. We now have 105 silver, 88 pewter, 88 bronze and 99 copper medals in inventory. Please donít forget to order your medals. An order form was in the newsletter.

December/January 2016 update: At the December general membership meeting, it was reported that the BECC 2016 silver medals (300 minted) have sold out, with 29 pewter, 43 bronze and 75 copper medals remaining. The gold medals previously ordered are now available (as of February) - see the photo!

April 2016 update: Medal sales for 2016 are winding down with ZERO silvers remaining, 22 pewter, 30 bronze and 39 coppers remaining. Twenty-six gold medals have arrived and the estimated arrival date for the remaining 11 was not reported. There were discussions on three-year consecutive designs or stand-alone designs. Tony took an action to contact existing medal buyers for their input. Design concepts are being accepted from members.

Artwork © 2015 The Boeing Company and BECC. All Rights Reserved.

Mintages of 2016 medal:

Gold - 35
Silver - 300
Pewter - 150
Bronze - 150
Copper - 150
Antique finish bronze (for awards) - 24
Total - 809