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Medals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long has the BECC been issuing medals? - The BECC issued a 50th anniversary medal in 1966, and has issued medals every year except one since 1977. The Boeing Coin Club in Wichita also issued a medal in 1964. (See photos.)

Why are the silver medals 1.5 ounces? - This is a tradition started by the BECC in 1977 to make its medals thicker and more distinctive than ordinary one ounce silver rounds. The BECC intends to continue this tradition, even with the price of silver exceeding $20 per ounce. However, due to supply issues, the 2023-2024 silver medals will be the standard 1 ounce.

How can I tell a silver medal from a pewter medal? - Silver medals are edge marked "1.5 T.O. 999 AG." (T.O. = troy ounces, AG = chemical symbol for silver) Silver medals are also whiter and brighter in color, which can most easily be discerned by placing a thin piece of white tissue paper over the medals.

Who makes the medals? - Over the years, BECC medals have been made by a variety of mints, including Medallic Art Co., Metal Arts Co., Golden State Mint, Northwest Territorial Mint and BEX Engraving of Fullerton, Calif. BEX in the current minter of the medals. BECC medals are manufactured based on artwork supplied by the Boeing graphics department, or by a Boeing artist. The medals are struck using specially polished dies and medal blanks.

Former U.S. Mint sculptor-engraver Thomas D. Rogers, who is a PNNA honorary life member and designed the obverse of the PNNA’s 75th anniversary medal, also has sculpted the Boeing airplanes on some recent BECC medals when commissioned by BEX Engraving.

Can I suggest a design for the next medal? - Yes. Club members vote on a design for the next BECC medal each year. If you are eligible for membership and join the BECC, you can make a suggestion and vote at the meeting. If you are not a club member, you can still e-mail your suggestion to

Who can order BECC medals? - BECC medals are normally sold by private sale to persons eligible to participate in the Boeing recreation program. Occasionally medals may be offered to other groups that have a special interest in the Boeing product featured on a particular year's medal. See the medals page for information on how to order if you are not a part of the Boeing recreation program.

Are BECC medals a good investment? - Since 1991, BECC medals have been marketed to all Boeing employees and produced in relatively large quantities (see table). In addition, such medals may have a limited market outside the company, and the value of silver medals will flucuate with bullion prices. They are therefore not recommended as an investment. We suggest that you buy only the medals that you want as souvenirs or as gifts.

Can I purchase BECC medals from previous years? - Only the current medals can be ordered from the club, during the specified ordering period, unless otherwise noted on the medals page. To inquire about the availability of medals, please attend a regularly scheduled BECC meeting, or attend the annual BECC coin show in January. Other possible sources of medals include local coin dealers, swap meets, and online auctions such as eBay. BECC medals prior to 1991 were produced in small quantities, and are difficult to obtain.

Other questions? - Let us know!