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BECC Medals Through the Years

Note: 1966 medal mintage figures adjusted based on original invoice data supplied by Del Cushing.

Regular IssuesQuantity Minted
YearMedal DesignWeightSilverPewterBronzeCopperGoldTotal
196650th Anniversary1.5 oz1050None1500 32553
196650th Anniversary1.5 oz162(antique finish)162
1977Jet Foil1.5 oz760380555 201715
1978YC-14 STOL Transport1.5 oz723310536 401609
1979727 First Flight (1963)1.5 oz678456534 661732
1980747 Jumbo Jetliner1.5 oz501251312 381102
1981B-17 Bomber1.5 oz307335375 201037
1981B-17 Bomber1.5 oz 335(antique finish)335
198280-A 3-Engine Biplane1.5 oz578207360 151160
1983757 Jetliner1.5 oz639340500 71486
1984247-D 2-Engine Monoplane1.5 oz433175323 10941
1985Lunar Orbiter1.5 oz746700700 22148
1986P-26A Fighter1.5 oz326198131  655
1987314 Ocean Hopper (1939)1.5 oz345198131  674
1988737-300 Jetliner1.5 oz300200200  700
1988737-300 Jetliner1.0 oz100NoneNone  100
1989IUS (Inertial Upper Stage)1.5 oz160110160  430
1991B&W / 75th Anniversary1.0 oz4900None1860  6760
1991B&W / 75th Anniversary1.5 oz2450700850  4000
1992B-29 50th Anniversary1.5 oz37298041013  5546
1993E3A AWACS1.5 oz1600500600  2700
1994B-1 Flying Boat (1919-1994)1.5 oz1600350450  2400
1995B-52 Stratofortress1.5 oz1700500600  2800
1996777 Jetliner1.5 oz1400500500  2400
1997707 Jetliner1.5 oz1150400500  2050
1998767-E AWACS1.5 oz1100360450  1910
1999307 Stratoliner1.5 oz1000300400  1700
2000Next-Generation 737 Jetliner1.5 oz880400400  1680
2001Space Shuttle Columbia1.5 oz1100425500  2025
2002B-47 Bomber1.5 oz800400400  1600
2003KC-135 Stratotanker1.5 oz800400400  1600
2004747 Air Force One1.5 oz800400400  1600
2005B-50 Bomber1.5 oz800400400  1600
2006737 Wedgetail1.5 oz800300500  1600
2007KC-767 Tanker1.5 oz400250250  900
2008787 Dreamliner™1.5 oz403175225  803
2009Stearman Kaydet Trainer1.5 oz350150250  750
2010P-8A Poseidon1.5 oz400150200  750
2011747 Dreamlifter1.5 oz350150202  702
2012KC-97 Stratotanker1.5 oz200150150150 650
2013Model 40B1.5 oz300150150150 750
2014CH-47 Chinook Helicopter1.5 oz300150150150 750
2015Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey1.5 oz275150150150 725
2016Boeing 100 Years / 737 Max1.5 oz30015015015035785
2017747-8 Intercontinental1.5 oz22511011020 465
2018737 10,000 Delivered1.5 oz275 12512525550
2019P-51 Mustang1.5 oz22510010025 450
2020777-91.5 oz25010010025 475
2021Lunar Rover1.5 oz22510010025 450
2022767-300 Freighter1.5 oz180909025 385
2023KC-46A Refueling F-15E1.0 oz.      
2024367-80 “Dash 80”1.0 oz.      
Totals  39075135841904289525672852

BECC Medals Through the Years

In addition to the normal medals, the club did engravables, awards, trial strikes and a few other unique pieces.
We are updating the website to include these. If you are aware of additional medals not listed,
please send info and a digital picture to BECC.MEDALS@GMAIL.COM.

(1) Engravable MedalsInfo & Quantity Minted
YearMedal DesignWeightMaterialPurposeQtyNotes
1978Totem Reverse Bronze 12Est.
1979727 First Flight (1963) Bronze 12Est.
1980747 Jumbo Jetliner Bronze 12Est.
1981Totem Reverse ? 12Est.
1985Lunar Orbiter1 ozSilver 12Est.
2017747-8 Intercontinental Antique BronzeExhibitor/Volunteer24see below
2018737 10,000 Delivered Antique BronzeCoin Show Volunteers14see below
2018737 10,000 Delivered Antique BronzeCoin Show Exhibits10see below
Totals    108 
(2) Award Medals (with different edge,
finish or material than regular issue)
Info & Quantity Minted
YearMedal DesignWeightMaterialPurposeQtyNotes
2014CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Reeded PewterBanquet Awards24see below
2015Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey Antique SilverBanquet Awards25 
2016Boeing 100 Years / 737 Max Antique BronzeBanquet Awards24 
2017747-8 Intercontinental Antique BronzeBanquet Awards24 
2018737 10,000 Delivered Antique BronzeBanquet Awards25 
2019P-51 Mustang Antique BronzeBanquet Awards25 
2019P-51 Mustang1 ozBrushed NickelCoin Show Exhibits15 
2020777-9 Antique BronzeBanquet Awards25 
2020777-91 ozBrushed NickelCoin Show Exhibits15 
2021Lunar Rover Antique BronzeBanquet Awards25 
2021Lunar Rover1 ozBrushed NickelCoin Show Exhibits15 
Totals    242 
(3) Unique or Trial MedalsInfo & Quantity Minted
YearMedal DesignWeightMaterialPurposeQtyNotes
196650th Anniversary Gold Plated Silver 3known
1989IUS (Inertial Upper Stage) LeadTrial Strike1 
199175th Anniversary Dual Reverse1 ozSilver 1known
199175th Anniversary Dual Reverse1.5 ozSilver 1known
199475th Anniversary Reverse Impression Lead 1 
1999307 Stratoliner Silver50,000th medal1 
2001Space Shuttle Columbia PewterTrial Strike1 
2002B-47 Bomber (Stratojet) ?Trial Strike2 
2003KC-135 Stratotanker LeadTrial Strike1 
2011747 Dreamlifter CopperTrial Pieces2see below
2011747 Dreamlifter NickelTrial Pieces2see below
2011747 Dreamlifter BrassTrial Pieces2see below
2011747 Dreamlifter Silver PlatedTrial Pieces2see below
2017747-8 Intercontinental Brushed PewterTrial Piece1 
Totals    21 
Grand Total - All Known Medals   72838


  • Weights for regular issues are for silver bullion medals only. Medals made of other materials may differ in weight.
  • "Est." denotes an estimated quantity, and "known" pieces currently known to exist.
  • Medals for coin show exhibits are given to exhibitors and judges; there are three judges most years.
  • 2011 - The trial pieces resulted in the club issuing copper medals starting with the 2012 design.
  • 2014 to date - Banquet awards are typically given to volunteers and chairpersons.
  • 2017 - The engraved medals all say "Exhibitor/Volunteer," and were given for both coin show volunteers and
    coin show exhibitors and judges.
  • 2018 - The engraved medals were specifically engraved for Volunteers (14), Exhibitor (7), and Judges (3).