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2011 medals feature 747 Dreamlifter

BECC members at the April 2010 club meeting selected the Boeing 747 Dreamlifter for the club's 2011 medal. BECC Medals Chairperson Daryle Hawkins presented three different views of the Dreamlifter so the BECC membership could choose the artwork for the medal at the May general meeting. Daryle reported that the final design (shown at left) has been approved by Boeing and the design will now be sent to the Golden State Mint to start the medals minting process.
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Artwork 2010 The Boeing Company and BECC. All Rights Reserved.

Update from the December 2010 board meeting: Greg and Del reported that the pewter medals are still being minted at the Golden State Mint. Processes are in place to get back on schedule. A new run of pewter is going to be used to improve the quality of the medals. Del sent some medals back to the Golden State Mint for review; to improve the minting process. Greg provided an up-to-date medal sales accounting. Several medals have been mailed; some mailings included a wooden nickel for the 2011 coin show, featuring the medal design.

Obverse of 1.5 Troy ounce 747 Dreamlifter silver medal.
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Thanks to Del Cushing for providing the photos (with holders) shown here.