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2007 BECC medal design changes to 767 Tanker!

2007 BECC medal design changes to 767 Tanker! Although BECC members selected the V-22 Osprey as the Boeing product to be featured on the club's 2007 medal, the club was forced to change the design to the 767 Tanker (the second choice) due to refused approval to use the V-22 trademark. Medal orders were accepted from Boeing employees, retirees and other eligible personnel. The mintage of the 2007 silver medals was only 400, and all 2007 medals are SOLD OUT!

From left to right Obverse of 1.5 Troy ounce 767 Global Tanker silver medal,
three-piece medal set in plastic display holder.
See pictures of 2004-2007 medals for common reverse (modified for 2007).