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2022 medals feature 767-300 Freighter

Artwork © 2021 The Boeing Company and BECC. All Rights Reserved.

All updates by medals chairman Tony K., as appearing in the club's newsletter.

May 2022 update: The remaining 2021 club medals were sold in April along with the 2022 copper and Ďblemished' burnished (antiqued) coppers. There are still some 2022 copper medals for sale. Those can be ordered by mail (see the May newsletter) or bought at the next club meeting on May 25th until medals are sold out. The regular 2022 medals are almost sold out. Just a few more silvers left, close to 10.

April 2022 update: The 2022 medals are almost sold out. Got a couple new orders in that Iíll be hand delivering.

February 2022 update: Iím happy to say that the second installment of medals just arrived, so I can start putting the 3-piece sets together and getting the rest of the medals mailed out. We now have bronze and pewter medals in as well as the limited number of copper medals. The supply chain issue has been a hassle but Iím looking forward to getting the medals out and having that done so I can work on the 2023 design, which is a mid-air refueling with the KC46 and a fighter jet. Still looking at different layout options but hope to have a couple of drafts for next month's medal report.

January 2022 update: Letters went out in the mail to the normal customers that havenít order yet. We did get some of the silver medals in the week of Christmas. Since we have a number of people that use the silver medals as Christmas gifts, all the out-of-town silver medal orders only went out in the mail. Some of the local silver medals were hand-delivered. The balance of the silver medals along with the bronze and pewter are now scheduled to arrive sometime in January. I will strive to get those out as soon as possible after they arrive.

October-December 2021 updates: There have been further delays in getting the blanks needed for different orders, ours included. The mint is going to start striking the medals on Dec. 13, 2021. I will make every effort to get them out and even hand deliver if needed (locally) to get the medals that are Christmas gifts to you so they can find their usual place in the stockings or under the tree. The non-Christmas ones that are to be hand-delivered will be available at the coin show. We have sold over 50% of the medals ordered from BEX.

August-September 2021 updates: At the July board meeting, we discussed the pricing for the silver medal and it was agreed and voted that the silver medal would be priced at $60 to cover the price difference of the 1.5 ounces of silver from $15 to $26 an ounce. The foundry that our mint uses has been overloaded with demand and with our unique 1.5 ounce planchets; they are only now in the process of getting ready to produce them. We are scheduled to receive our 2022 medals in September. I have holders in hand so will be ready to put sets together when the medals arrive. I donít expect to be able to ship medals out until October 2021.

June-July 2021 updates: The order for the 2022 767-300 Freighter medals has been placed with our minter. We have the silver covered and the minter is completing the die to strike the medals. We need to discuss the pricing for the medals as the silver was about $10 more per ounce than last year. Iím thinking the silver medal will be somewhere between $60-$65 for the 2022 medals. No mirror base holders will be offered for the 2022 medals as I still havenít found a source to make those custom holders.

April-May 2021 updates: The 2022 767-300 Freighter design is approved and we have the silver price locked from the refinery. Bex will let us know when they get the 1.5 ounce silver planchets for our medals. The club was also getting caught up with prior orders before offering the 2022 medals.

Mintages of 2022 medal:

Silver - 180
Pewter - 90
Bronze - 90
Copper - 25
Antique finish bronze (for awards) - 25 (to be verified)
Brushed nickel (for exhibit awards) - 15 (to be verified)
Total - 425