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2020 medals feature 777-9 Folding Wing Tip

Note: Image in center is elongated cent design for coin show.
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All updates by medals chairman Tony K., as appearing in the club's newsletter.

January 2020 update: The 2020 medals are selling well, with 81 silvers, 33 bronze, and 42 pewters remaining. All the individual medals (ordered to date) have been mailed, delivered at a club meeting or waiting to be picked up at the coin show.

December 2019 update: We have 2020 777-9 medals! Initial sales are strong and I have a number of envelopes to open. We have a new supplier in Auburn for the custom holders. We are doing the 777 3-piece holders first with them.

October 2019 update: The 2020 medal order form was mailed and included with the October newsletter. For the collectors who prefer to get their copy by email, they should be getting it in their inbox soon. With the hassle of the custom holders for the 2019 medals, there was debate as to, or rather not to, offer the custom holders. It was decided to offer them. I am going to be ‘testing’ a new supplier to make sure we can supply holders for the 777-9 medals. The medals are being minted and we should have them around the end of the month.

Mintages of 2020 medal:

Silver - 250
Pewter - 100
Bronze - 100
Copper - 25
Antique finish bronze (for awards) - 25
Brushed nickel (for exhibit awards) - 15
Total - 515