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BECC Banquet Report - 2018

The Banquet was held on October 24, 2018 at the Tukwila Community Center.

Guest Speaker: The guest speaker was Leon Roberts, a retired Boeing test pilot.

Banquet Report (by Craig S.):

Club members: please see the Nov. 2018 newsletter for an extensive banquet report. This is a summary of that report.

There were 35 attendees at this year’s banquet. All received the traditional door prize of a current year half-dollar and cent. Right on schedule at 5:30 p.m., Tom welcomed all and introduced the banquet committee. This was followed by the Early Bird prize, and a friendly competition of cups stacking to determine the dining order.

The food was wonderful and was smoked by Cedar River Smokehouse. There was chicken, brisket and ribs along with sides of beans, potato salad and mac-n-cheese. We had wonderful volunteers serving and that worked out well. Everyone was able to try a little bit (or more) of everything.

Guest Speaker: Leon Robert, retired Boeing Chief Test Pilot. He has flown over 15,000 hours, with over 2/3 in Boeing jets. He has many honors and is current in all 7-series jets. He is a retired Lt. Commander for the Navy, where he flew A6 Intruders amongst others. Leon gave a wonderful presentation about the history of Boeing’s B314 Flying Clipper, of which only 12 were built, all for Pan Am, with certification in 1939. Unfortunately none still exist. Leon received a 757 silver club medal from the club. Having been a test pilot for the 757 program, he was very grateful.

The Book A Race to Freedom by the banquet speaker from 2015 was given away with a coin-flipping contest. John E. won it in only two flips! Note: The 2015 guest speaker was David Williams from the Hydroplane Museum. Mr. Williams spoke regarding Mira Slovak.

A special presentation was made by the PNNA. Rick S. and Kevin C., hosts of the PNNA's Puyallup Fair booth, presented certificates to the 2018 BECC volunteers.

Awards and prizes: Each officer and chair was recognized and will receive a limited-edition 2019 antique bronze medal for their work, to be handed out at a regular meeting when holders are available. There were enough prizes that everyone received something. Some big, some smaller. These prizes included a couple special-edition club medals - the 2018 and 2019 coppers.

Jim Payne award: Tom presented the award and read off the qualifications. When he got to former president of the now defunct Boeing Wichita Coin club I knew it must be me (Craig S.). I’m very surprised. I’ve enjoyed the club for a lot of years. I feel privileged to associate with a great bunch of people. I intend to continue the effort to grow the club.

Grand Door Prize: the grand prize at the banquet was a 1914-D quarter eagle. You had to be a club member to be eligible to win it. The first number drawn was #12, Ben. Enjoy!

I had a fun time and enjoyed the banquet – see ya there next year.

2018 Banquet Photos submitted by David Buehler.

Introductions by club president Tom Koch (left);
recognition of Washington State (Puyallup) Fair volunteers (center);
Tom with the Jim Payne Memorial Award winner, Craig Sheldon (right). Congratulations!

Various photos of club members enjoying the banquet at their tables.

Various photos of Mike Nau and the guest speaker, including introductions, presentation of speaker award, and presentation of speaker's book as a prize.

BECC Annual Awards, presented by club president Tom Koch. The final photo shows all the award winners.

Prizes (top); drawing for the winners, and grand prize winner Ben!

Special cake depicting 2019 club medal, other banquet food, and banquet setup.

Other club member photos: Elaine and Rosanne; Julie; Michael, Terry and daughter; Warren and Martha.