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BECC Banquet Report - 2016

The Banquet was held on October 26, 2016 at the Tukwila Community Center.

Guest Speaker: The guest speaker was Carrie Kipp-Howard, the author/editor of several fantastic Boeing books.

Banquet Chairman's Message (by Michael Nau):

The 2016 Boeing Employee Coin Club banquet is behind us now, and I feel confident in saying that it was the best one this year! Gallianoís delivered lasagna, tortellini, and meatballs along with salad and garlic bread. As always to get to the food table you had to pass one of Benís well thought-out table activities. This year the activity had us all matching logos to decades. A few tables did very well while most tables scored better than 50%. The table exercise was perfectly aligned with the speaker as she spoke about the history of the Boeing logo.

Our speaker was Carrie Kipp-Howard. She was the author of several Boeing books, and has researched the Boeing logo in detail. After her talk and slide show we got down to the real business at hand which was the prizes. The board decided a few years back that fewer prizes, but of a higher value, would be best. We stayed with that concept this year and gave out limited edition 2017 copper medals and 10 past silver medals. Not to mention a host of very nice coin sets. With all the fun, there was also time for business so we started the first of three nominations for officers. We also announced the Jim Payne award winner which is noted on the website. We had more than 50 people attend the banquet this year, and enjoyed the food, prizes, and festive atmosphere. If by chance you missed it, you will have to wait 'til October 25, 2017 for the next one.

2016 Banquet Report/Photos by Terry Kamm, David Buehler and Tony Kalt.

Rosanne Buehler (left) receiving the Jim Payne Memorial Service Award from last year's recipient, YN Benjamin M.

Top row: Mike Nau (left in each photo) introducing banquet guest speaker Carrie Kipp-Howard (right).
Bottom row: YN speaker/presenter (left photo); Carrie speaking (center/right photos).

Some of the BECC banquet attendees.

The various raffle prizes (door prizes); some of the prize winners, or announcements thereof (by Tony and the kids).

Left: Check-in table. Center/right: John Enges (in charge of food preparation) "mugs" for the camera,
and gets some help with the food setup.

Special cakes depicting 2017 club medal.