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Annual Coin Show - January 20-21, 2024

The BECC held its 59th annual coin show January 20-21, 2024 at the Kent Commons, 525 4th Avenue North, Kent, Washington. The show is the second largest in the Northwest with up to about 70 dealers participating and arguably the best liked show as well.

BECC 2024 Medal ArtWooden nickels and elongated cents with the Boeing 367-80 “Dash 80” design were available at the 2024 coin show until supplies were exhausted. (One free wooden nickel and one free elongated cent per show attendee. Additional cents can usually be purchased.) 2021-2023 cents were also available - see report below.

Coin Show Bourse
Dealer Table Penny Press Short Snorter display
Coin show images (Top, Bottom L to R): Coin show bourse floor;
John at his bourse table; PNNA Penny Press operated by Rick S.; Short Snorter display by Tom S.

2024 BECC Coin Show Report by Tony Kalt, Show Co-Chair

  • Also see the club's February newsletter for a more complete report.
  • I’m considering the show to be a great success as we continue to rebuild from the COVID cancelled show. This is the 3rd show since then and we continued building the show back up. Even with three last minute dealer cancellations because of weather and not being able to get out of the driveways, we still had 45 dealers.
  • Thank you to everyone who volunteered. From setup Saturday morning, to helping out at the front desk/admissions and to those who helped with closing and teardown. We hire out the table and chair portion of the set up/tear down, but there was still a lot that needed to be done, and thank you to all who stepped up to assist.
  • The set up crew was on time and we were able to open up the back doors early for the dealers. This helped the dealer set up go smoothly and we did not have a big back up and delay for the dealers getting in. A couple of our larger dealers were prepped for the early entry so kudos everyone for making that happen.
  • The clean up crew had things packed and ready in a very efficient manner and got the display cases and other items in the rented Uhaul trailer within a few minutes of the show closing. We did have a delay with one of the dealers but did our best to work around that. Renting the trailer saves us at least half the cost of renting a truck.
  • The hospitality table had an improvement this year as it was the first time since the closure that we found a way to have donuts back and they were a welcomed sight for the dealers (OK, I also enjoyed a couple throughout the show as well). The club got a display case to have the donuts in that meet the food handling requirements so they were not out in the open. All other food items were packaged items.
  • The penny press was a hit and people had the option to get the designs for 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 which was nice since the die didn’t get here in time last year and they missed the 2023 design.
  • Again, thank you everyone who helped make this year's show a success!
  • For additional information about the annual BECC coin shows, see the main coin show page.

2024 BECC Coin Show YN Report by Tony Kalt

  • A rough count of the kids had us with 53 kids visiting the YN table and doing the treasure hunt. For the treasure hunt the kids (with their supervising adult) went around the different dealers looking for a little box that had the picture of the given coin they needed. They were searching for and putting together a 2023 U.S. type set of coins that consisted on the Lincoln cent, Jefferson nickel, Roosevelt dime, American Woman quarter (2024 is the last year for that program), Kennedy half dollar and the Native American dollar coin. These were in 2x2s to keep them in BU condition. Half of these were bought from the U.S. Mint as we had no other way to get them. The kids had a blast doing the treasure hunt.
  • When they completed the treasure hunt, they returned and then took a spin on the roulette wheel for an additional prize determined by the number the wheel chose. The wheel prizes ranged from world coins, word currency, U.S. coins and currency. Some of the U.S. coins included silver dollars if the got the “0” or silver half dollar if they got the “00”. To add a little interest some of the U.S. coins included Indian head cents, V nickels and Buffalo nickels and even silver certificates and $2 bills. For the odds, 1/3 of the wheel is world coins, 1/3 world currency, and 1/3 US.
  • For the coin collecting merit badge we had six scouts and two scoutmasters for the workshop. I have to attribute the lower attendance to my lack of advertising it. I didn’t get the word out early as I had to revamp the presentation material as the merit badge requirements had a major re-write that took effect January 1st. I will add that the two scoutmasters were impressed with the workshop and said it was one of the better merit badge workshops they had seen. Having them say that made all the effort to get it ready in time feel worth it.